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Criminal Law

If you sense that it's time to speak directly with a criminal lawyer about charges you're facing, reach out to Janese Caruthers Law Firm.  Our practice in Fort Myers, FL provides specialized service and lots of attention.  Clients like working with us because we offer:

  • Flexible appointment options
  • Flat rates
  • Helpful payment plans

Should you prefer to have your interests represented by a local attorney, we're here for you.  Clients often ask us questions about:

  • Why they were charged
  • Evidence and testimony
  • Possibility of negotiating with the prosecution
  • Court and police procedures
  • Reduction of charges
  • Bond reduction

At Janese Caruthers Law Firm, we're open during regular weekday hours and clients can also make appointments with us by request on weekends.  Call our office in Fort Myers today to speak with a criminal lawyer.  

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